20 Things You Can Do In 15 Minutes Or Less To Set The Stage For A Positive Day

Just like a first impression is critical to the future of a relationship, the first 15 minutes of the workday sets the stage for the rest of the day.  It is critical that those first 15 minutes are productive and empowering to ensure that the rest of your day flows positively.  Unfortunately, all too often we hit the ground running and don’t create time to focus on developing a positive cadence of the day, instead allowing the urgent to overwhelm the important.

Here are 20 things that you can do in the first 15 minutes of a day to start the day off in a positive manner.  Just like a positive first impression, or a day that starts with a healthy breakfast, what you do in the first 15 minutes can positively or negatively impact the rest of your day.  Schedule those first 15 minutes if you must, control it and do something that you won’t have time to do the rest of the day.  Your day will be all the better as a result as that cadence will flow through the day.

Here are 20 potential suggestions:

  1. Send a handwritten thank you note.

  2. Call your old boss and tell them of the positive impact they had on your career.

  3. Call someone who quit a year ago and see how things are going.

  4. Read an industry based blog post.

  5. Write your personal goals for the next 12 months.

  6. Dream about what is possible.

  7. Visualize your own success.

  8. Call a client just to see how things are going.

  9. Delete unwanted emails.

  10. Clear out your voice mail on your phone.

  11. Ask someone’s advice on something that you have been procrastinating on completing.

  12. Clean off your desk.

  13. Have a cup of coffee with a coworker.

  14. Review your meetings today and decide what you don’t need to attend and prepare for the others.

  15. Send an email recap of an important conversation you had yesterday.

  16. Review your quarterly goals and make mental note of where you stand.

  17. Tell someone on the team that you were impressed by something they did this week.

  18. Write out your to do list for the week.

  19. Listen to an inspirational youtube video.

  20. Write down your biggest concern and commit to taking one small step to resolving it today.