20/20 Vision Interviewing

Nearsightedness is the inability to see things clearly unless they are right in front of you.

Farsightedness is the inability to see things clearly unless they are at a distance.

The problem with most of us is that the choices we made yesterday result in us interviewing with nearsightedness.  We need money to pay the rent so this job looks good enough, as an example.  But farsightedness interviewing is not good either.  Meaning, we are focused on something years away and ignoring the muck that we’ll need to traverse to get there.

In today’s environment, with the unemployment rate at unbelievable historic lows, you have the opportunity to 20/20 interview.  And this will pay dividends on your long term earning potential for the rest of your life.

It’s often said that the money is made on a home purchase the day you buy the house.  Meaning, what you buy the home for matters more than what you sell it for in terms of how much you will eventually make.  The same can be said for any asset and your career is your BIGGEST asset.  I’m not specifically talking about maximizing your income and negotiating a bigger salary.  In fact, a job in which you negotiate a massively larger salary at the front end with sole nearsightedness can do immeasurable harm to your long term earning potential.

The more options you have in life, the better your decisions.  Save what you can while you are in that bullshit job that you can’t stand.  When you remove the necessity of a paycheck for even a few weeks it opens up a slew of new thoughts, dreams and goals.

Play the long game.  You career is going to take 40+ years out of your life.  If you are 40 years old – you are only half way there.  Fortunes have been created in much less time.  Stop playing the short game with a long term project like your career.

Interview for a boss not a company.  Bosses are the ones who will promote you.  A great boss at a mediocre company will do exponentially more for your long term earning potential than the opposite.

You will be interviewed on for your skills.  You should interview your boss for what skills you will develop.  If all you expect out of your job is a paycheck then all you will ever get is that paycheck and it will NEVER grow.

When interviewing view the job as a library.  What are the books in that library and are the well-kept or are they scuffed up with ripped pages and doodles in the margins?  Are the skills you learn at this job going to move you forward with your goals or stagnate your future earning potential?  Is the librarian yelling “Shhhh” at the patrons or does he maintain order? 

20/20 vision interviewing will allow you to select a job with the long term goals and the short term skill advancements that will benefit you for years to come.