Side Hustles and Head Trash

JK Rowling borrowed names from gravestones in a cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland for characters in the Harry Potter books (including Tom Riddle).

JR Tolkien borrowed names from an old norse poem called Voluspa for the dwarfs in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So many times, the excuse that rings in our ears for not having started that side hustle in which we have dreamed about for years is that we don’t have a good enough idea.  That all the good ideas are already taken.  If the idea that I just came up with is any good – then it would already have been done.  That I can’t think of any ideas to even start.  Is this you?  Well, if it is, you need to know something. All of it is head trash.

Success is infinite in its abundance and no one has a patent on it.  You can find inspiration everywhere if you would take the time to look. Most importantly, you don’t have to have an original idea to be successful.  Actually – very few start with a completely original idea.

The vast majority of people start by simply copying someone else.  The road to success has already been paved and all you have to do is start driving.  Yes, starting is the key to success.  And copying what someone else has done is not plagiarism, it’s smart.  See, you bring something to the equation that no one else can bring – you.  Therefore, whatever you do, it will be differentiated over time.  You simply need to start.

This leap of faith is the difference between success and failure.  It only requires that you trust that overtime you will bring your own spin to the grind and differentiate accordingly and naturally.  It’s that very trust that keeps so many people from starting.  It’s hard to begin something when you can’t visualize all the steps.  I would argue that the regret of never knowing what you could have accomplished is even harder.

So commit today.  Start that side hustle, that business, that blog, that dream.  Find someone that’s already doing it and do exactly what they do.  Your spin will occur over time, even if you can’t see it clearly today.  Start today.